Taking Care of Family by Kaizen Taki


I like to share a short story with you about a recent situation between a friend of mine and his daughter.

Shortly after our Konstantin Health Course first launched, he asked his teenage daughter to walk on him to help with some back issues. He told me that when they first tried, it was a disaster. Neither one of them was happy and it wasn’t allowing him to do the work he needed.

He was smart enough to see rather quickly that this wasn’t working and he stop the walking massage. He then asked his daughter to sit down with him to watch a 20 minute video from the Konstantin Course. They had a short talk about what they had learned and made sure they were on the same page in terms of process and objectives.


They then tried the walking massage again. He said the difference was night and day. His teenage daughter was now able to give him a good walking massage that allowed him to work in the way that he needed. They both had a good experience, and both learned something during the process.

His daughter commented on how much work it was to keep her awareness and attention on him and give him the right levels of stimulation. She realized both people needed to be sensitive and fully engaged in the massage. It wasn’t about randomly just stomping on him.



I was thrilled to hear this story because this is exactly why this course was put together. It isn’t meant for one person to just sit down and binge watch 14 hours of instruction. It was intended to be shared just like this. Sit down with a friend or loved one, watch 20 min of relevant video, and then try the work together.

By exploring a few different drills you can get a sense of your priorities, and then start working it consistently. The video is there for continued reference and further education as you are ready for it. If you have back pain you can go straight to the "Restoring the Spine” section and pick out a drill that seems relevant. You and your partner will get a quick understanding of the theory and objectives of each drill and you can start working immediately.


Massage drills are a critical tool for preparing the body because is acts as an honest bio-feedback that lets you see the internal state of the nervous system, tissues, and psyche. People will often think their legs are healthy. Then you start to walk on them and they freak out. They realize that their fascia and muscles are dry and tight, the joints hurt and are scared, and the bones feel fragile. They realize very quickly that things are far from healthy. They may be fit and active, but they are performing on top of dysfunction.

Active massage work helps you build the internal awareness and sensitivity to feel your baseline health. You develop the control to pull tension and fear to the surface to be processed and released by the nervous system and psyche. This same awareness, sensitivity, and control can then be applied to your other activities. This allows you to adjust your training to ensure continued growth and health without damaging your body and psyche.



This New Years start taking responsibility for your health and help to improve the health of the ones you love. Start shifting priorities and make slowing down and taking care of each other important. Konstantin’s Course provides simple drills for every part of the body, giving you a resource that will be valuable for years to come. If you're consistent and patient in your efforts. You’ll feel completely different and much better at the end of the year. Get the course now to start learning and sharing today.