Kaizen Taki 2012 CTS Workshop

Exploring the Common Principles of Russian Martial Art: Massage, Hand-to-Hand, Strikes, & Weapons

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CTS an Integrated Training Process

Develop Sensitivity, Awareness, Power,

and Effectiveness in Your Training



This is a minimally edited video from the Series of Workshops in 2012 with Kaizen Taki focused on Common Principles of Systema training. This workshop offers detailed drill progressions, principle theory, plus clear explanations of how the same principles apply to Massage, Hand-to-Hand, Strikes, and Weapons Use.


In Systema we explore many different aspects of ourselves, and have the opportunity to experience numerous topics in training. Unfortunately we can get distracted by the individual skills or techniques and completely miss the overriding principles that truly define Systema.

I have a few questions for you:

  • Do you have a clear ability to apply conditioning and massage skills to increase your effectiveness during hand-to-hand training?
  • Can you demonstrate how your hand-to-hand skills amplify your power, and decrease the effort needed in your strikes?
  • Do you have a deep enough understanding of strikes so that you can use any conventional or improvised weapon with overwhelming effectiveness?
  • Are you able to utilize the same combative skills and tools to promote health and healing, instead of just injury?


The Common Thread Series explores the connections between health, fitness, psychological conditioning, and hand-to-hand training. Learn how the same principles directly apply to strikes and the use of combative tools.

All of this and more can be achieved by understanding the common principles that tie together every aspect of what we call Systema. Systema doesn't teach the narrow techniques of A, B, and C. Systema teaches us how to discover principles behind A-Z for ourselves. Systema teaches us how to learn from everything, ensuring our survival and freedom.

Studying and practicing this material will allow you to say, "Yes" to all of the above questions. By the end you will be able to grasp the common threads that tie it all together. You should feel that if you are practicing one thing, you are actually training in everything.

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Your Instructor

Kaizen Taki
Kaizen Taki

Kaizen Taki trained in Martial Arts for 30 years with some of the best Instructors in the world from multiple disciplines. He was a certified Instructor of Russian Martial Arts for a dozen years under Mikhail Ryabko, Vladimir Vasiliev, and Konstantin Komarov. For the last 15 years he has deeply studied health, fitness, and the psyche.

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I keep coming back to how grateful I am to have had the experience of having you as a teacher. Your emphasis on health, finding and knowing one's baseline, and learning how to return to it, was taught with a sophistication that I have only seen surpassed (or even close to matched) by Konstantin Komarov. My continuing study of martial arts, bodywork and other forms of healing, and personal development are constantly informed by what I have learned from working with you. Thank you again for sharing that with your students.

Randy Watson
Massage Therapist
Studying Systema
Since 2010

I miss the depth and thoroughness of your material, be it martial, health, or otherwise. You have greatly helped me to get back on my feet and heal a long list of body abnormalities. Thank you!

Alex Kosykh
Enterprise Architect
Studying Systema
Since 2008

This is awesome! Another video course is being released by Kaizen Taki and the Systema NW Archive. Again, I participated in the original workshop (that me in the photo all locked up) and can tell you the content and the teaching are exceptional. Here are deep principals of Systema explored through a variety of exercises and applications. Highly recommended!

Matt Lowes
Certified Systema Instructor
Since 2011

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